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Focus Technology Group Preparing to Launch Pet-View

An Innovative Marketing and Communication Conduit between Manufacturers, Suppliers and Pet Supply Retailers

Nashville, Tennessee – (March 15, 2006) Focus Technology Group (FTG), a leader in data services and market intelligence in animal health, announced a multifaceted solution tailored to the specific needs of the pet specialty industry.

"Our primary objective is to assist manufacturers and distributors in pulling product through distribution channels verses the current push model used today. FTG, through data driven solutions and supply chain visibility can help both manufactures and distributors achieve their common goals of increased profitability and market share. Our experience and success in the animal health industry will lend credibility as we introduce Pet-View to manufacturers and distributors in the pet specialty industry," commented Jimmy Haverstick, President of Focus Technology Group. Pet-View synergistically benefits manufactures, suppliers and retailers with business intelligence information resulting in increased sales and market share.

  • Pet product manufacturers gain critical business intelligence information about top customers, key influencers and supporters, sales opportunities, market share, and more.
  • Distributors gain from automated (paperless) marketing programs, moving more product with improved inventory control, and industry benchmark reports .
  • Distributor sales personnel can be rewarded for growth, new customers, cross-selling, up-selling, confirming in-store merchandising, and participating in web-based product education and surveys.
  • Retailers can be rewarded for product movement (POS data), in-store merchandising and participating in web-based product education and surveys.

According to Chris Glaser, FTG Vice President of Operations, "It's not about the technology. We enable our clients, and their channel partners, to direct resources with laser-like precision and produce better results."

For more information, contact: Phil Lawler, Director of Business Development, Focus Technology Group, plawler@focustg.com, Ph. 502-857-8645, www.focustg.com

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